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A massive mistake I see Democrats making, myself included, is assuming that all Trump Voters are Trump Supporters. The caricature of Trump Voters in our minds is that they are all MAGA hat-wearing, mask-burning, die-hard Trump Supporters.

However, this is far from the case. Of the 73 million people who…

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A common theme on Facebook these days is that what the Democrats ‘did’ in 2016 with the Russia ‘hoax’ or Hillary Clinton saying the election was illegitimate is about the same as what Republicans are doing now. Often I see things along these lines:

“It’s the difference between two people…

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I opened Facebook and at the bottom of a lengthy thread debating if the election was stolen was this response from a Democrat:

“What an exhausting conversation… The guy [Trump supporter] raises three bogus points with no references, proceeds to have people present actual articles disputing those bogus points, guy…


Trying to discuss politics with Trump supporters these days is exhausting and disorienting. In large part, this is because they rely on logical fallacies which are like magic tricks on the mind that exploit gaps in logic to fool people.

By understanding common logical fallacies, it makes it much easier…

A Recovering Republican

A former Republican’s thoughts on our experiment in democracy

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